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Goldsmith Associates is a leading provider of legal counsel to depository institutions, non-bank lenders, fund managers, loan servicers, and broker-dealers in connection with the purchase, sale, servicing, and financing of whole loans and servicing rights. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to provide yield-sensitive legal guidance and obtain best execution business terms that achieve our clients’ financial, strategic, and transactional objectives on every deal.

Deal-tested attorneys who are
secondary mortgage market experts.

The core focus of our practice

  • Secondary Transactions
  • Loan Operations
  • Correspondent Lending
  • Contract Finance
  • Lending Compliance
  • Repurchase Claims

The full spectrum of our practice

  • Commercial Contracts
  • General Counsel
  • Litigation Management
  • Operational Policies
  • Curative Services
  • Corporate Governance

We understand the nuances of how and why legal issues differ between a whole-loan vs servicing-rights transaction, a buy-side vs sell-side trade, a premium vs discount price, a servicing-released vs servicing-retained arrangement, a bulk vs flow deal, and all permutations of these. Goldsmith Associates leverages this specialized knowledge and substantive expertise on single asset trades, large pool transactions, and entire portfolio dispositions alike... with a proven track record of success that spans 600+ closed deals.

Experience and expertise with
transactions of all types and sizes.

Insightful legal guidance from
pre-bid to post-close.

Stage I  :  Trade Confirmation

We kick-off every deal on the right foot by drafting and negotiating a letter of intent that strikes best-execution deal terms, reflects favored-nation legal protections, and aligns all trade parties’ transactional expectations.

Stage II  :  Asset Diligence

Our DealGPS® Transaction Management System accelerates and streamlines the diligence process with collaborative online workspaces where all trade parties can remotely and securely access, share, and manage deal-critical documents to make intelligent decisions.

Stage III  :  Legal Documentation

We leverage the breadth of our industry expertise and mine the depth of our transactional experience to draft and negotiate purchase agreements, servicing agreements, custodial agreements, assignment agreements, and all other contracts needed to get the deal done right.

Stage IV  :  Trade Settlement

Our DealGPS® Transaction Management System intelligently analyzes dozens of data points in real time to ensure each deal stays on track to close on time and all credit approvals and legal conditions are satisfied before any settlement is cleared or any funds are wired.

Stage V  :  Post-close Contingencies

We remain on-call and at-the-ready 24/7/365 to resolve legal issues involving loan servicing, repurchase requests, indemnification demands, borrower delinquencies, subsequent transfers, contractual breaches, and other events that arise days, months, or years after settlement.

Our proprietary DealGPS® technology
maximizes trade profitability. mitigates compliance risk. improves investment returns. optimizes team productivity. minimizes transaction costs. accelerates closing velocity. maximizes trade profitability.

  • Real-time Progress Alerts
  • On-demand Pipeline Reports
  • Client-centric Deal Dashboards
  • Pre-closing Deliverable Checklists
  • Post-closing Event Calendars

Lawyers who get deals done
without getting in the way.

  • Client Driven
  • Closing Focused
  • Cost Efficient

Your deal counsel is on call and at the ready
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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